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  • “Barbara’s writing is filled with the warmth and wisdom that comes with learning life’s most important lessons. She broaches subjects of universal concern with meticulous care, an upbeat attitude and down-to-earth authenticity. She never fails to capture her audience with words they are happy to return to time and time again.”

    D.A. Wolf, Daily Plate of Crazy

  • “Barbara Albright is aptly named. Her writing brightens the everyday, elevating the mundane to the sublime. Barbara’s words lift the spirits and stimulate the mind. Her essays provide sanctuary to the weary reader.”

    Cynthia May Naeger, May Achieve Clarity

  • “Since I first read Barbara’s writing, I knew I found a depth of substance that flowed through me and resonated with me like poetry.With wisdom, inspiration, and life-affirming words and imagery, she lifts my spirit and guides me to feelings of serenity, melting away the stress of daily life.This is why I look forward to and repeatedly return to read every thing she authors.”

    Robin Tjernagel, Robin's Real Life